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château de chenonceau

Hôtel châteaux de la Loire

8 kilometers from Le Cheval Blanc is the Château de Chenonceau, Crown Royal residence and property. It is an exceptional site by its design, rich collections and decor.

This chateau was loved, protected and managed by extraordinary women. Built in 1513 by Katherine Briçonnet, the "Ladies Castle" was embellished by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici, then saved from the rigors of the revolution by Madame Dupin. Chenonceau has in its collection an exceptional range of paintings by masters such as Rubens, Murillo, Nicolas Poussin, Correggio as well as an impressive selection of sixteenth century Flemish tapestries.



CHÂTEAU royal D'Amboise

12 kilometers from your hotel, the Château Royal d'Amboise majestically overlooks the Loire. Attached to the crown in 1434, it served as the Renaissance residence of several kings of France up to Henri II. Subsequently, the court having moved to the Paris region, Chateau d'Amboise was no more than a stop off for the Bourbon kings and regularly played host to Louis XIII and Louis XIV.

The château was partially destroyed after the Revolution. The Royal House, St. Hubert chapel (where the alleged remains of Leonardo da Vinci lie), the terraces and cavalier towers still remain and give this monument such a unique silhouette...


Hôtel pas cher Châteaux de la Loire

LE Clos Lucé in Amboise

The Clos Lucé has been owned by the Saint Bris family since 1854. From the 1960s, a vast restoration project has transformed the Clos Lucé back to its original Renaissance appearance.

Invited by François 1er in 1516, Leonardo da Vinci, a real Italian genius, crossed the Alps by mule carrying with him three of his most outstanding works: the Mona Lisa, Saint Anne and the Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist, to set up at the Manoir du Cloux (today known as The Clos Lucé ). Leonardo is named as "The first painter, engineer and architect of the King" for a thousand gold crowns a year pension until his death. The chapel and its impressive frescoes, the great hall of the Council, the kitchen, the bedroom, the basement rooms where the forty machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci are on show. At Clos Lucé everything inspires you to share in the imagination of Leonardo ...



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